Liverpool Medical InstitutionDrinks With...

Liverpool Medical Institution, 2014. Photograph by Rob Battersby

Drinks With… is a programme of lectures and screenings. These specially commissioned events by writers, artists, filmmakers, philosophers and cultural critics extend and continue the key curatorial themes of A Needle Walks into a Haystack. The events take place in a Victorian lecture theatre at The Liverpool Medical Institution, and are followed by drinks at the bar.

Programme of Events

Drinks With... Andrew Kötting
Thursday 17 July, 6.30PM

Accompanied by his daughter and collaborator Eden Kötting (UK), Andrew Kötting (UK) will present a body of work that was begun on the day Eden was born in 1988. The presentation, including film and music, will consider the possibility of a creative output addressed to a single person. 

Drinks With... Lynne Tillman
Thursday 31 July, 6.30PM

Novelist and critic Michael Bracewell (UK) will be in discussion with novelist and critic Lynne Tillman (US), about her approaches to writing fiction, art and cultural criticism. 

Drinks With... 
Thursday 28 August, 6.30PM

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (US) will give a lecture on the idea of withdrawal. 

Drinks With... Dorit Margreiter
Thursday 11 September, 6.30PM

Artist Dorit Margreiter (AU) will deliver a talk on thoughts on the ideal home with a screening of a selection of her film works.

Drinks With... Ben Highmore
Thursday 23 October, 6.30PM

Sociologist and professor of cultural studies Ben Highmore (UK) will give a lecture on habits and their relation to our habitats.


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