Samson Kambalu

Samson Kambalu, Walk Don't Walk (film still), 2016 

Samson Kambalu, Casablanca XXX (film still), 2016

Samson Kambalu, Dancer in the Woods (film still), 2014. Courtesy the artist and Kate MacGarry Gallery

Samson Kambalu, Walk Don't Walk (film still), 2016 

Samson Kambalu (b. 1975, Malawi) lives in London. Kambalu’s practice looks at received ideas regarding art, history or religion using a variety of media, including video, installation and literature. His 'Psychogeographical Nyau Cinema' combines film with site-specific performances. 

For Liverpool Biennial 2016 Kambalu has utilised the method of ‘Psychogeographic Nyau Cinema’ to develop a number of new films. The artist spent time in Liverpool walking, carrying props that relate to specific episodes of the Biennial, and filming across the city to produce clips that can be watched online and within the exhibition itself. He also filmed children’s reactions to the poster of the last film shown at the ABC cinema, Casablanca, asking them to imagine its content. 

His solo exhibitions have been shown at venues such as Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, UK (2012) and Sai Gallery, Osaka, Japan (2009). He has written a range of novels such as the autobiographical novel The Jive Talker (2008). His group exhibitions include the Dakar Biennial, Senegal (2014) and his work is currently featured in the Venice Bienniale 2015, Venice, Italy.

Casablanca, 2016 commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2016

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