Discover our packed programme of events, including artist performances, talks, tours, film screenings and family-friendly activities, for Liverpool Biennial 2018. 

18 August 2018Curator Tour: Victoria Gallery & Museum
​Join Liverpool Biennial Assistant Curator Sunny Cheung for an insightful introduction to the artists showing across the gallery.
19 August 2018Exhibition Tour: On Repetition and Memory
Explore works that make us consider ideas of repetition and of that which has already been said or seen on this exhibition tour
26 August 2018Exhibition Tour: Resilience Garden​Take a walk through Mohamed Bourouissa’s project on plants migration, colonialism and gardening on this family-friendly tour.
01 September 2018Curator Tour: Tate Liverpool​Curator Tamar Hemmes will lead you on this exhibition tour for Liverpool Biennial 2018
02 September 2018Exhibition Tour: Visions of North America
A visit to the First Nations artists representatives from Canada and to John James Audubon’s book The Birds of America.
08 September 2018Curator Tour: the Playhouse theatre
​Join Liverpool Biennial Assistant Curator Sarah Happersberger for a tour of the artworks on display at the Playhouse theatre.
09 September 2018Exhibition Tour: Narratives of Political Conflict
Join us for this tour when we will explore how artists use different ways of communicating, talking and reporting to show political conflicts
15 September 2018Curator Tour: Bluecoat
​Join Marie-Anne McQuay, Head of Programme at Bluecoat, for an insightful introduction to the Liverpool Biennial 2018 artists showing across the gallery.
16 September 2018Exhibition Tour: Visions of Life and Heaven
​For this tour we explore two artists' visions on life and heaven.
22 September 2018Curator Tour: FACT
​Join Mary Jane Edwards, Programme Manager at FACT, for an introduction to Agnès Varda and Mohamed Bourouissa as part of Liverpool Biennial 2018
23 September 2018Exhibition Tour: Found Objects and the Serving Library
​A visit to view the found objects and detritus that composes Paul Elliman's Found Font that is used for the Liverpool Biennial 2018 visual identity, followed by a tour of The Serving Library collection that hosts it
30 September 2018Exhibition Tour: Time Moves Quickly
Join us on this introduction to Ryan Gander's project for Liverpool Biennial 2018, Time Moves Quickly
06 October 2018Curator Tour: RIBA North – National Architecture Centre
Join RIBA North Director Suzy Jones, for a tour of Mae-link Lokko's new commission
13 October 2018Curator Tour: Bluecoat
​Join Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director at Bluecoat, for an insightful introduction to the Liverpool Biennial 2018 artists showing across the gallery.