Tony Chakar: The Eighth Day

The Eighth Day weaves a collection of elements – texts, images, songs, poetry, videos, publicity spots, etc. – that are metaphorical manifestations of the space and time of the catastrophe of the Israeli attacks on Lebanon in July 2006, and attempts to identify the necessary strategies for redeeming the past-as-image. 

Beirut-based architect Tony Chakar’s practice involves ways of thinking about the built environment that go beyond traditional architectural approaches, by incorporating literature, philosophy and theory.

In an interview in Art Review (2008), he said, ‘It’s funny that you should use the term “artistic practice”. I always consider the work that I do as belonging first to the sphere of architecture. The architectural world doesn’t take this sort of work very seriously, so I always end up with the artists, who are kind enough to provide me with the closest thing to acceptance I know. But it is still architecture’.


02 June 2010


88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ

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