Ceal Floyer

Ceal Floyer, Wall-Floor Projection (installation view), 1999

Ceal Floyer, Wall-Floor Projection (installation view), 1999

Ceal Floyer’s (b.1968, Karachi, Pakistan) understated installations are visual one-liners; her tools so minimal that they are almost invisible. Floyer often focuses on a single element, injecting into it a strange familiarity. By making simple interventions into the gallery space she disrupts the visual clarity of the architecture. She has also used projected images and other illusionary elements to explore the strangeness of our everyday world. By simple transformations she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Next to the lift in one gallery  there were two fire doors. Under one of these doors a brilliant strip of light seemed to be flooding in from an unusually bright exterior. There was just a hint of strange encounters about this luminosity – until one discovered that the light was in fact coming from a projector placed on the floor opposite the lift.

The means were revealed, but the sensation continued to engage us. In another installation the text on a light bulb was made visible by the addition of a lens, transforming the light bulb into a projector that projected itself. 

Ceal Floyer at Liverpool Biennial 1999

Wall-Floor Projection
, 1999
Video-sound projection, dimensions variable
Courtesy of artists and Lisson Gallery London
Exhibited at Tate Liverpool