Jorge Macchi

Jorge Macchi, Refraction, 2012. Photograph by Jerry Hardman-Jones

Jorge Macchi, Refraction, 2012. Photograph by Jerry Hardman-Jones

The work of Jorge Macchi draws its sense of estrangement and exceptionality from an attentive observation of the quotidian. His poetic, meditative sculptures, installations and drawings suggest that the viewer may wish to take on a slightly different standpoint so as to be able to read the contradictions inherent in the work and, therefore, to appreciate the contradictions underpinning our daily experience of the world. In the artist’s hands, the light-sparkles originating from a mirrored disco ball become bullet holes Still Song, (2005) and a construction site a beautifully organized Italian garden Marienbad (2011). 

For the 2012 Liverpool Biennial, Macchi has designed an environment that plays with the unexpected occurrence of being suddenly immersed in a pool of water. In so doing, he questions our ability to correctly map our own position in the surrounding space.

Jorge Macchi (b. 1963 Buenos Aires) lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Solo exhibitions include Music Stand Still (SMAK, Ghent, Belgium, 2011), Crónicas eventuales (Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010), and 10:51 (Kunstlerhaus Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 2009).

Jorge Macchi at Liverpool Biennial 2012

Refraction, 2012

Exhibited at LJMU Copperas Hill Building