Jaxson Payne

Using an electronic drum-kit set-up established in 2003, Payne (b.1983, UK) triggers and improvises upon a vast bank of carefully selected samples, creating engaging live performances. Payne was a founding member of koept (a Cornish based organisation for electronic art and sound) and over the years has been involved in many varied projects: from experimental electronic recordings as Personality Son to forward thinking techno releases and live midi-drum solo performances under his Derehctub pseudonym. Past performances include London’s Café Oto, and a set for Penryn Arts Festival constructed almost entirely from sound donations associated to the town of Penryn. Recent activity has also led to a live performance with South Korea’s ‘EE Total Art’ at Coachella music festival.

Payne performed at The Kazimier on Saturday 20 September 2014.