The Old Blind School The Old Blind School

The Old Blind School Getty Images © Shirlaine Forrest

The Old Blind School Getty Images © Shirlaine Forrest

Somehow, we all get up, get dressed, and get through the day. We each find a balance between too many variables – pleasure, habit, distraction, necessity, efficiency, desire, and so on. Some handle it by withdrawing into a place of privacy and silence, while others prefer conversation in the company of friends. Either way, routine and familiarity try to take over, and the day is filled with activities like working or waiting, surrounded by objects like lamps, hats, tools, or doors. Inevitably, rules get broken, and bits of behaviour are combined with bits of misbehaviour. In the case of this exhibition, we end up with bronze tree branches, ceramic crabs, and hacked computer games.

Please note: We have made every endeavour to make The Old Blind School fully accessible with ramps and lift access. However due to the nature of the building it may not be possible to view every room. If you require special assistance with your visit, please contact our visitor services team at or call +44 (0)330 123 0584


The Old Blind School
24 Hardman Street
L1 9AX

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