Dennis McNulty, Homo Gestalt, 2016. Installation view at Bluecoat. 

Dennis McNulty, Homo Gestalt, 2016. Installation view at Bluecoat. 

In his book More than Human, science-fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon describes a scenario in which multiple humans blend their abilities to act as a single organism. For a series of new commissions at Bluecoat, Dennis McNulty pairs this idea with the ‘multinode’: a concept developed by pioneering cyberneticist Stafford Beer (1926 – 2002) to describe a collective biological or machinic decision-making entity. The result is Homo Gestalt, a collective technology that is performed into existence by the participation of audience members, as part of the Software episode. The commissions include a data-driven installation at Bluecoat, a digital app and an off-site performance work.

Also on show at Bluecoat is Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016

The oldest building in Liverpool city centre, Bluecoat showcases contemporary arts across disciplines, and has provided a venue for creatives and artists for over 100 years.

Collaborating Curators: Marie-Anne McQuay and Adam Smythe. Dennis McNulty is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Bluecoat. Also on show at Bluecoat during Liverpool Biennial 2016 is Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016.