Jenna Sutela

Jenna Sutela, Holobiont (film still), 2018. Courtesy the artist

Jenna Sutela, Neither a Thing, Nor an Organism, 2018. Photo: Damian Griffiths and Bold Tendencies

Jenna Sutela, Holobiont (film still), 2018. Courtesy the artist

Jenna Sutela (b. 1983, Finland) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Sutela uses words, sounds, and other living media, such as bacteria and slime mold, to create experimental installations and performances that bring together biology, technology and cosmology. Sutela’s recent work explores interspecies communication, aspiring to connect with a world beyond our consciousness. Sutela is currently Visiting Artist at The MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST). Recent exhibitions and presentations include Moderna Museet, Sweden (2019); Serpentine Gallery, UK (2019); Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain (2018); and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan (2015).

Project Description

Jenna Sutela presents a sound piece titled nnother (2020) at the Lewis’s Building, as well as a new installation drawing on her I Magma (2019 – ongoing) series of head-shaped lava lamp sculptures at Lush Building. All about symbiosis, nnother deals with the topic of gestation. It presents a conversation between imaginary organisms with both organic and synthetic attributes, one of whom lives inside the other. Beyond the development of organisms, the term gestation can also refer to the conception of ideas over time. In addition to the sound piece, Sutela presents a neuroplastic portrait: three lava heads projecting a psychedelic light show on the walls. Here, the brain and its environment are seen as an indistinguishable, coupled system.

nnother is co-authored with the writer Elvia Wilk and co-commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Science Gallery London, part of King's College. Voice by Colin Self. Jenna Sutela's participation at Liverpool Biennial 2021 is supported by Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland and Frame Foundation.

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