Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar, Lack of Dexterity (Human Tongues), 2017. Photo: Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar, Domain of Extinction, 2018. Photo: Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar, Lack of Dexterity (Human Tongues), 2017. Photo: Luisa Ungar

Luisa Ungar (b. 1976, Bogotá, Colombia) lives in Bogotá, Colombia, and Antwerp, Belgium. Ungar´s multidisciplinary practice explores how social norms are constructed and institutionalized through language. She is interested in mechanisms that question the ways in which local history is constructed and uses didactic strategies that trace colonial structures implicit in our ways of learning, communicating and speaking. She looks for threads on animality and the non-human which shape our behavior. Her performances are built on conversations from the local environment and interweave micro-stories with seemingly disjointed historical narratives and archaeological remains in order to build new layers of meaning. Recent exhibitions and performances include MKHA, Belgium (2018); Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands (2017); Ar/Ge Kunst, Italy (2017); and BienalSur, Argentina (2017). In 2019 she curated the performance and education program for Colombia´s Biennial 45SNA.

Project Description

Luisa Ungar presents a series of relational performances around the city of Liverpool throughout the Biennial. The performances take the form of tours and revise narratives on contagion, hygienization and witch-hunting rhetoric, and its relation with specific locations in the city. Thetour responds to Liverpool’s context – participants encounter a performance that points out elements of medicine, stigmatization and otherness which relate to the city’s history as a colonial port and contact point for global trade. Ungar’s performances are interactive – enacted by visitors as they are taken on tours across Liverpool.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial. With support from the Estate of Fanchon Fröhlich.