Pedro Neves Marques & HAUT

Pedro Neves Marques, A Mordida (The Bite), 2019. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Umberto di Marino

Pedro Neves Marques, The Pudic Relation Between Machine and Plant (film still), 2016. Courtesy the artist

Pedro Neves Marques, YWY, The Android (film still), 2017. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Umberto di Marino

Pedro Neves Marques, A Mordida (The Bite), 2019. Courtesy the artist and Galleria Umberto di Marino

Pedro Neves Marques (b. 1984, Lisbon, Portugal) is a visual artist, filmmaker and writer, whose work ranges from cinema, film and installation to short stories, poetry and theoretical writings. Influenced by anthropology and feminist and queer historians of science, their work highlights the clash between disputing images of nature, technology and gender, with science fiction and speculative writing being key to imagining other futures. They are the author of the anthology  The Forest and the School/ Where to Sit at the dinner table?  (2015), two short-story collections and a recent poetry book under their publisher pântano books. Recent exhibitions include Castello di Rivoli, Italy (2019); Gasworks, UK (2019); Pérez Art Museum of Miami, USA (2018-2019); and Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (2019). 

HAUT lives and works between Berlin and London. HAUT is a sound artist, music producer and performer working across the fields of experimental electronic music, dance and human-computer interaction. Their work spans from live performances and immersive sound installations to music scores for dance pieces and movies. Recent exhibitions and live performances include HAU - Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, Germany (2020, 2019); Castello di Rivoli Turin, Italy (2019); Gasworks London, UK (2019); Pérez Art Museum of Miami, USA (2018); Dock 11 Berlin, Germany (2018); Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland (2018). They are a PhD candidate in Arts and Computing at Goldsmiths College University of London where they research the application of biotechnologies to develop new ways of musical performance.

Pedro Neves Marques and HAUT are collaborating on a new commission for Liverpool Biennial: The Stomach and the Port. 

Project Description

Pedro Neves Marques presents a new audio-visual installation titled Medieval Bodies (2020) at The Lewis’s Building, in collaboration with music producer and artist HAUT. The installation offers a speculation weaving together lab-grown meatand vegan ethics, fertility treatments and ovarian transplants, and the online fan fiction genre of Mpreg (a term short for male pregnancy). Through image, music, and text, the work creates an emotional narrative about the gendering of bodies and science, as well as preconceptions about what is deemed natural and unnatural. Mixing autofiction with research, its images echo contemporary issues surrounding gestation and reproduction, homo-normativity, fears of artificiality in biotech, and the fluidity between human and nonhuman bodies.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial supported by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.