What is Flux Festival?

Posted on 22 July 2014 by Guest Blogger

Project GreenSleeves by Callum Stewart for Flux festival

Project GreenSleeves by Callum Stewart for Flux festival

Flux Liverpool is a pioneering arts festival featuring a programme of events engineered by young people, created for everyone. As part of Flux, Liverpool Biennial has launched a ‘Young Fellows’ programme, working with students and tutors from The City of Liverpool College and Hope University. We asked Liverpool Biennial Young Fellow Callum Stewart to write about his experiences both as a Flux volunteer and a participating artist… 

Waking up bleary eyed, 5am starts, tight schedules.

My experience of the Flux festival has been somewhat different to that of most who stop by to see it once it is open. This is because I am one of the Flux Commissions, a lucky bunch of aspiring artists who have been given the chance to exhibit at this year's festival.

My contribution is Project GreenSleeves; a swap shop centred around a huge dazzled tree in the L1 hub.

Flux festival is a new initiative set up this year within Liverpool. It aims to champion the young arts movement that constantly bubbles under the city's surface gallery scene. Liverpool has struggled in recent years to retain its flow of emerging and graduate creatives, many of whom prefer to flock to larger, more developed cultural hubs such as London. A hot topic within the art world here, a lot has been written in the past few months on Liverpool’s failure to address this growing problem. However, Flux it seems is a step in the right direction, giving these emerging artists a stage as well as a reason to stick around.

Over the course of two weeks, events, performances and installations are set to dominate the city centre, from original stage shows to a platform for young musicians to get their tracks heard. Flux is providing a unified front for the plethora of talent and creativity that often goes unnoticed in such a busy urban environment. Key places to explore are the Flux Hub in Chavasse Park L1, and the Flux website which details the hundreds of events taking place over the two weeks. Highlights so far have included a performance by members of Young DadaFest at the Everyman Theatre, and upcoming events range from a series of Flux Skills workshops to tours of the Biennial Exhibition led by young people. 

Flux, alongside other initiatives such as the Blueprint festival at Tate Liverpool, shows the beginnings in a change of attitude towards culture within Liverpool. Only in its first year, Flux has been a resounding success so far and hopefully will continue to flourish as it gains momentum and recognition. I have been lucky to be a part of this exciting festival in its fledgling year and look forward to seeing what other fantastic art it can give a platform to in future years.

Throughout the summer, the Young Fellows will be supporting Liverpool Biennial's contribution to Flux, which includes the Sunday Art School family programme and providing tours of the Biennial Exhibition for the public.