In Pictures: Deinstall at The Old Blind School

Posted on 12 November 2014 by Liverpool Biennial

Deinstall in progress at The Old Blind School 

Deinstall in progress at The Old Blind School 

A Needle Walks into a Haystack at The Old Blind School featured 17 artists from countries around the world. Putting together the exhibition was a feat: from finding and renovating the iconic venue, to installing the artwork and preparing to open the doors to the public, the team behind the scenes had their work cut out. Now that the festival is at an end, the team came back together to repack the artwork and close the doors to The Old Blind School once and for all. Our Artist-in-Residence Kevin Hunt captured some of the painstaking deinstall process on camera as we waved goodbye to this year's exhibition.

Project Curator Rosie Cooper packing up Amelie von Wulffen's series of watercolours.

Tools of the trade: what every de-install technician should have in their kit.

Our brilliant team of Fellows get busy with bubble wrap as they clear the exhibition space.

Magicians and Sunday Art School visitors are nowhere to be seen as the team pack up the Studio Room on the top floor.

The brilliantly-coloured bare walls of The Old Blind School exposed once more.

With the Welcome Desk gone, the festival truly feels over - thank you to everyone who visited The Old Blind School and all of our partner venues this year. Each and every visitor helped to make this festival special, and we hope to see you all again in 2016.

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