Watch: Community Arts Conference at the Black-E

Posted on 7 January 2016

Community Arts? Learning from the Legacy of Artists' Social Initiatives

In November, Liverpool Biennial’s daylong conference at the Black-E brought together distinguished thinkers and practitioners from the field of community arts, in order to discuss the legacy of such practices in the light of a renewed interest in socially engaged art.

Addressing questions such as ‘What is at stake in community arts practice?’ and ‘Politics and Participation: housing, arts and Liverpool – what is necessary here?’, the ideas and challenges raised throughout the day sparked lively debate among speakers and the audience alike. Scroll down to watch the conference or individual panels in full, and find out what our audience had to add to the conversation. Short on time? Read more about the day on the e-flux live blog.

Introducing the Black-E

Wendy and Bill Harpe

What is at stake in community practice? What have we learned?

Wendy Harpe, Frances Rifkin, Alan Read, Jason E. Bowman 

How can we bring the legacy of community arts into the present?

Lorraine Leeson, Sophie Hope, Ania Bas, Ed Webb-Ingall, Andrea Phillips

What kind of organisations do we need to develop to work with communities and how does this affect how we reimagine galleries and museums?

Nato Thompson, Anna Colin, Anna Cutler, Sally Tallant

How can we learn from the practices of the past and develop new models for the future without loosing our values?

Sonia Boyce, Laura Raicovich, Polly Brannan, Sally Tallant

Politics and participation: housing, arts and Liverpool – what is necessary here? 

Jeanne van Heeswijk, Britt Jurgensen, Angela McKay, Fran Edgerley, Joe Farrag, Nina Edge, Rosie Cooper

We were also keen to gather a couple of quick responses from people during the break, to hear what others had to say about the wide range of subjects covered; from the history of the practice, through to issues such as funding and the role of institutions. Here’s a small selection of what we got back:

The conference was convened by Liverpool Biennial and Andrea Phillips, in association with Visible Award 2015 and Tate Liverpool.

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