In Pictures: Art & Architecture at The Old Blind School

Posted on 24 August 2014 by Liverpool Biennial

Inside The Old Blind School. Photo by Rob Battersby. 

Inside The Old Blind School. Photo by Rob Battersby. 

For this unusual photographic project, we asked Liverpool photographer Rob Battersby to explore the curious interplay between art and architecture. The setting is The Old Blind School, the 1930’s Grade II Listed building near Liverpool City Centre which houses the work of 18 contemporary artists for A Needle Walks into a Haystack. Enjoy!

"Curiosity and art are intrinsically linked. For me, art must trigger curiosity. And as the viewer, you must allow your natural inquisitiveness to guide your engagement with art, never allowing ignorance to deter you. At The Old Blind School, curiosity is running high. For many, the building itself encourages a spirit of exploration. It is this relationship between the space, its architecture, the art it houses and the viewer that I have sought to explore."

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