December 2022
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13 Conversazioni with les Estrellas

Domenico De Clario is performing on 14 nights centred on the opening of the Biennial. (By chance, the opening night coincides with the equinox and is also, unusually, a night of the full moon.) The artist will travel across seven sites, back and forth over two weeks, following the moon through its entire phase. Each night he will play the piano accompanied by a saxophonist, and tell stories of the journey and of his response to the site. The performances will last for the nine hours between sunset and dawn, and the sites will be illuminated with a different colour for each of the first seven nights. These colours – which are associated with the seven energy centres of the body (chakras) – will then be repeated as he retraces his steps on the subsequent seven nights. As a lasting trace within the exhibition, each site will be marked with a written text of the stories recounted by the artist during his journey.


24 September – 07 November 1999


Princes Docks