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A Play in Seven Acts

The performance of A Play in Seven Acts took place over a period of seven days in the international reading room of the Liverpool Central Library. Volunteers and friends of the artist were asked to participate as actors. During the performance, the actors were asked to act as if they are normal visitors to the reading room. Actors, wearing their usual street clothes, were present in the reading room every day together with normal library patrons. Two different spaces merged in fact: a space of fiction and a space of reality. While all actions were visible, differences of consciousness were invisible. It was difficult, perhaps impossible to distinguish actors from regular readers and visitors of the library. Each simple gesture, like opening a book, could be seen as a meaningful theatrical action or just as an everyday gesture not worthy a notice. Film A Play in Seven Acts was recorded by two video cameras for total of 89 hours. Only short fragments of the play were used in producing the film version. Various actors and library patrons are seen in the film.


24 September – 07 November 1999