February 2023
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Minecraft Infinity Project

Taking the Surrealist ‘exquisite corpse’ as inspiration, the Minecraft Infinity Project invites players to collaborate with Minecrafters the world over to co-create the largest virtual sculpture ever made.

The exquisite corpse is a way of making things in collaboration with others, where each player adds to what the previous one has created. Players who enter the Minecraft Infinity Project map will be able to sculpt as if by magic using specially created tools that take inspiration from artworks shown at Liverpool Biennial 2016. Over two weeks, players will enter the map to fire paintbrushes as if they were arrows, spawning sculptures taken from real-life, and watch as a humongous virtual creation emerges.

The Minecraft Infinity Project is recommended for players of all ages. The ‘map’, or game, will be hosted on an online multiplayer server. The platform will allow multiple players all over the world to enter the map simultaneously at any time day or night. All communication or interaction between players will disabled to ensure a safe and fun environment for all ages. Instructions for players and additional guidelines for parents are available here

Launch Schedule

11am – 12pm   A presentation about the ways in which art and Minecraft can work together with Tony Guillan, Adam Clarke and Dr. Mark Wright.

12pm – 5.30pm   Open drop-in session for children and families to use Minecraft.

Please be aware that this event is drop-in and is first come, first served with limited capacity. 

Minecraft Infinity Project is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with FACT, produced by Tony Guillan, and created by Adam Clarke in collaboration with map maker Dragnoz


09 July 2016,
11-12pm: Presentation
12-5.30pm: Workshop


88 Wood Street
L1 4DQ


Free, drop-in (limited capacity)