Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Over six decades, multi-award winning Agnès Varda has established herself at the vanguard of world cinema, directing over 50 films, shorts and documentaries. Alongside presenting a newly commissioned work for the Biennial, FACT and Picturehouse present weekly screenings of the works of Agnès Varda, and a personally curated set of films to accompany her own. Agnès Varda: Pioneer is presented in partnership between FACT, Liverpool Biennial, Picturehouse, BFI and University of Liverpool.

17 October 2018The Beaches of Agnès – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
In this autobiographical documentary, Varda provides a window into her eventful life as she revisits various locales that have been important to her.
10 October 2018A Woman Under the Influence – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Mabel’s increasingly volatile behaviour commits her to an institution. Her husband and kids await her return, which holds more than a few surprises.
03 October 2018The Gleaners and I – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
An 1867 painting by Jean-Francois Millet inspired Varda to cross the French countryside to videotape people who scavenge.
26 September 2018Pierrot Le Fou – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Weary of his stagnant life, Ferdinand abandons his family for an enigmatic babysitter; he soon discovers his mistress is not who she seems.
19 September 2018Jacquot De Nantes – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Varda’s portrait of French New Wave filmmaker Jacques Demy, following his formative years in 1940s France.
12 September 2018Les Demoiselles De Rochefort – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Twin sisters Delphine and Solange leave their small seaside town in search of romance.
05 September 2018Vagabond – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
A young woman is found frozen in a ditch; through flashbacks, we discover how her desire for freedom led to her demise.
29 August 2018Talk to Her – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
A beautiful exploration into identity and sexuality, as two men form a friendship based on the fact they both care for their comatose wives.
22 August 2018L’une Chante, L’autre Pas – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
In 1970s France, the lives of two women intertwine during the progress of the women’s movement.
15 August 2018Persona – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
An emotional and spiritual transference ensues between two women in this psychologically driven masterpiece.
08 August 2018Le Bonheur – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
A married carpenter meets a woman in the post office in this deceptively cheerful examination of infidelity in a self-centred landscape.
01 August 2018The Piano – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
A tale of attraction and passion set in 1851 about a pianist and her daughter who travel from Scotland to New Zealand for an arranged marriage.
25 July 2018Cléo from 5 to 7 – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
An elegant snapshot of a singer’s life in the 1960s as she awaits the test results of a biopsy.
18 July 2018La Pointe Courte – Agnès Varda: Pioneer
Considered one of the progenitors of the French New Wave, Varda’s debut film is a documentary-style look at daily life