Sunday Art School

Sunday Art School is Liverpool Biennial's free family programme of events that invites children and adults to create artworks together with an artist.

26 October 2014Sunday Art School: Visible Rhythms How do we see rhythm? Repetitive actions and processes help us experience something that doesn't seem to be there. Through movement and making, an installation will grow that makes the invisible visible.
28 September 2014Sunday Art School: Magical ShapesCan objects defy gravity? Using interlocking shapes, help us to build sculptures that appear to defy belief, existing as if by magic!
16 August 2014Sunday Art School: Moving Patterns at The Everton Park Kite FestivalCould patterns fly? Join us at Everton Park Kite Festival to create a mass of ‘dazzled’ kites, hovering in the sky above the best view of the city.
20 July 2014Sunday Art School: Thinking in ColoursDoes colour affect our behaviour? Create a massive collage using lively layers of colour, transforming the studio with a vibrant disco floor.
18 May 2014Sunday Art School: Double TroubleUse drawing methods and techniques to create mirrored images and double drawings with artist Flis Mitchell.
27 April 2014Sunday Art School: Fantastical ObjectsConstruct a fantastical world of objects and colourful sculptures with artist Kevin Hunt.