Thinking City

A series of artist-led events across Liverpool. These public gatherings invite artists to ask questions about cities, place, community networks and art in every day settings. This can be through installations, performance and conversations, in private and public spaces.

02 October 2014Thinking City: Adam Chodzko From the cavernous vaults of Toxteth Reservoir, Adam Chodzko presents a performance: a talk, set in the future, that draws together ideas about Liverpool Dock developments, global shipping, the reality of domestic space, a modified wardrobe and the sole of a Nike trainer.
02 May 2014Thinking City: Imogen StidworthyTaking from Tony O’Donnell’s ongoing development of a grammatical system for BLISS, a pictographic language developed in the 1950s for people with severe communication difficulties, this performance considers different dimensions of language, translation and orientation.
12 November 2013Thinking City: Chris EvansThis event conceived by artist Chris Evans invites the public to a house belonging to Liverpool Biennial founder and art collector James Moores. Here guests are seated in a room with a painting by Irish artist Pádraig Timoney which has been selected from Moores' collection. Starting with the artwork on display, a conversation between invited curators, writers and artists will take place in a separate room which can be followed via live transmission.