Marc Bauer: Artist Interview

17.10.2014, Interviews

Artist Marc Bauer discusses how he met Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman, the curators of Liverpool Biennial 2014, followed by his thoughts on The Old Blind School where the artist's work was exhibited. 

For Untitled (2014), Marc Bauer decided to move his studio into a dingy hotel in Liverpool, where he thought he could potentially become part of a story of the place. Marc draws and re-draws the images he finds in his own personal materials—his surroundings, archives or family albums—and uses this very tactile process to add his own vision of what those narratives mean and how representation confirms stereotypes and power systems.

Marc Bauer’s work was shown in The Old Blind School as part of the 8th Liverpool Biennial Exhibition, A Needle Walks Into A Haystack, 5 July - 26 October 2014.