Michael Eakin on Michael Nyman’s Symphony No. 11: Hillsborough Memorial

Michael Eakin, Chief Executive of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, speaks about Michael Nyman’s Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial.

In 2014, Liverpool Biennial, in partnership with Liverpool Philharmonic and Liverpool Cathedral presented a new, specially composed work by Michael Nyman, performed at the Liverpool Cathedral on 5 July, the opening weekend of the Biennial.

Nyman’s Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial was performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with Liverpool-born mezzo soprano Kathryn Rudge and Liverpool Philharmonic Youth and Training Choirs, conducted by Josep Vicent. Twenty-five years after the Hillsborough tragedy, Hyman hoped that his Symphony No.11: Hillsborough Memorial would make a small but significant contribution to the healing process that was still necessary for the families of the lost Liverpool FC fans.