Post-Print Publishing?


Designers, publishers and artists discuss new strategies for publishing in the digital realm as part of Liverpool Biennial's regular series of talks.

James Bridle is a writer, artist, publisher and technologist based in London, UK. His work covers the intersections of literature, culture and the network. He writes for a wide range of media, online and in print, and lectures worldwide. His work can be found here.

Radovan Scasascia is a London-based musician, web designer and since recently ebook publisher. Originally trained as an architect in Zürich; from 2001 he concentrated on his music projects AM/PM and Secondo, and set up the record label Dreck Records. His digital design practice Studio Scasascia designs and develops websites and apps for clients including the Swiss Office of Culture, Other Criteria and Acne Studios. In 2013 Scasascia co-founded publishing company Versions with Plexifilm's Laurence Oliver.

Sara De Bondt runs Sara De Bondt studio, which designed the Liverpool Biennial 2012 identity. With Antony Hudek she co-founded Occasional Papers in 2008, a non-profit press devoted to the histories of art, design and film. OP titles include books on or by Art in Ruins, Lizzie Borden, Ken Briggs, Richard Hollis, alongside readers such as The Form of the Book Book and Graphic Design: History in the Writing.