October 2014
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Discover our programme of events, which includes films, talks, tours, workshops and family activities. Our exhibitions are open daily at The Old Blind SchoolFACTthe BluecoatTate Liverpool and St. Andrews Gardens, and are free to visit. Each day of the festival you can join our team at The Old Blind School for a 'Small Talk' on an artist's practice at 3pm and a guided tour to the Jef Cornelis exhibition at St. Andrews Gardens at 12pm.  


26 October 2014Sunday Art School: Visible Rhythms How do we see rhythm? Repetitive actions and processes help us experience something that doesn't seem to be there. Through movement and making, an installation will grow that makes the invisible visible.
26 October 2014Tour: Total Art by Adrian HenriA guided tour of the exhibition with ‚ÄčCatherine Marcangeli, Curator
26 October 2014A GRAND FINALE‚ÄčTo conclude his residency with Liverpool Biennial and on the final day of the festival, artist Kevin Hunt presents A GRAND FINALE, a live performance reflecting on the spectacular within the everyday and revealing how decoration and illusion may go hand in hand.