Liverpool Biennial is a visual arts organisation and a platform for commissioning and presenting ground-breaking and powerful contemporary art.

Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest free festival of contemporary art and has been transforming the city of Liverpool through public art commissions, community projects, and a legacy of Biennial exhibitions for over two decades. Since being formed in 1998 we have commissioned 392 artworks, presented work by over 560 leading artists, delivered 34 collaborative neighbourhood projects, and received over 50 million visits. 

Liverpool Biennial commissions an independent evaluation of each edition. Findings have revealed that since being founded in 1998 we have delivered an economic impact of over £136.9 million to Liverpool. Research around our broader role from 2016-2021 has demonstrated that: 

  • We play a leading role in the UK and international contemporary art scene and in the reputation of Liverpool as a cultural destination
  • We have a clear placemaking role that works with Liverpool’s cultural status to help make the city a vital place to live, work, study, and visit
  • Our cultural, social, and economic impacts contribute positively to the experience of individuals, families, communities, and the city
  • We act as a catalyst, bringing together venues, arts organisations, and other civic partners to engage diverse audiences and increase collective value

Our free festival programme is a must-see, highly anticipated international event which transforms the city of Liverpool into a dynamic arena in which to experience the very best contemporary visual art. The scale of our 14-week programme is the largest concentration of international and national contemporary art in the UK, positioning the organisation as one of the top and most visible biennials in the world, with each edition engaging 100,000–160,000 visitors.