People like you make amazing things happen – as we turn 25 will you help us to remain free and accessible to all?

  • 25 Years of Liverpool Biennial
  • 25 years of ground-breaking art in galleries, museums, outside, and online
  • 25 years of bringing international and UK-based artists and audiences to Liverpool
  • 25 years of working with communities and schools across the region

Over the last twenty-five years, Liverpool Biennial has delivered ground-breaking programmes that reimagine what art can be, where we can experience it, and how it can engage and inspire people of all ages. We work anywhere and everywhere, taking art to people, and have produced work with local communities, including children living below the poverty line, adults in addiction recovery, and people who experience racism.

We provide powerful and often transformative experiences with art and inspire confidence in those that take part. Our programming provides different viewpoints from artists around the world connecting their experiences with all our visitors.
We strongly believe that people should have access to art and creativity regardless of their background.

Over the next 25 years we want to ensure that we remain a ‘Biennial for Everybody’ and here is where we need your help.

As a Biennial for Everybody, we need to keep our festival free and accessible to all and we need your help to deliver our exceptional learning and community activities and commissions in exciting spaces, pushing the boundaries of what engaging with groundbreaking contemporary art can achieve.

Our programme supports health and wellbeing, with 71% of attendees of Liverpool Biennial 2023 stating that their visit had a positive impact on their mental health. Art provided a vital lifeline for many throughout the pandemic and continues to improve the wellbeing of those we work with, our schools and communities, including people who are unable to visit in person but experience our work through online commissions and activities.

We need your support as we look towards the next 25 years of Liverpool Biennial.

Can we count on you?

Every donation we receive, no matter how big or small, will help Liverpool Biennial to support the artists and communities we work with, to commission ground-breaking public artworks, to enable learning opportunities and to ensure we remain a Biennial for Everybody. Donate now via the link below.

Your support matters!

If you wish to discuss your support or would like to receive more information about our plans, please get in touch with