Ligia Lewis

Ligia Lewis, minor matter, 2016. Performance at Converso, Milan, 2017. Photo: Converso

Ligia Lewis, WaterWill (in Melody), 2018. Performance at REDCAT, Los Angeles, 2019. Photo: Steve Gunther

Ligia Lewis, Sensation I/This Interior, 2019. Performance as part of High Line Commission, New York, 2019. Photo: Rowa Lee

Ligia Lewis, minor matter, 2016. Performance at Performance Space, New York, 2019. Photo: Julia Cervantes

Ligia Lewis, minor matter, 2016. Performance at Converso, Milan, 2017. Photo: Converso

Ligia Lewis (b. 1983, Santo, Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a choreographer based in Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, USA. Lewis’ work gives form to movements, speech, affects, thoughts, relations, utterances and the bodies that hold them. Her works slide between the familiar and the unfamiliar, held together by the logics of interdependence, disorder and play. In considering the social inscriptions of the body, her work materialises the enigmatic, the poetic and the dissonant. Lewis is the recipient of a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants Award (2018); a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production (2017); and a Factory Artist residency at tanzhaus nrw (2017-19). Lewis’ stage works are currently managed and produced in part by HAU Hebbel am Ufer Theater, Germany, a collaboration which began in 2017.

Project Description

Ligia Lewis presents a newly commissioned performance at Toxteth Reservoir. Incorporating elements of interdependence, disorder and play, Lewis disrupts institutionalised ways of understanding, offering embodied knowledge as another way to sense and be in the world. Lewis’ performance is site-specific, using the distinctive and cavernous infrastructure of Toxteth Reservoir as a site for an intimate encounter with narratives, both found and fabricated. Lewis builds a piece against the grain of colonial time and its legacies, bringing the subtle maneuverings of walking through a dreamscape where the haunting echoes of the past permeate each step.

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial with support from the Estate of Fanchon Fröhlich and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.

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