What does it mean to love yourself? How can love be radical? Sandra Suubi responds to questions including “where do you consider home?” and “What is your favourite childhood memory?”, providing a more personal insight into the artist and a foundation for the intimate conversation held as part of a three-part digital series, 'Radikal Self Love', which took place ahead of Liverpool Biennial 2023

1. What is the song you play the most when you’re working?

I play the The Score playlist on Apple Music, this is when in my physical studio.

2. Which book do you always return to? 

The book of Psalms and Proverbs in the Bible. Right now am also reading ‘The Ignorant Schoolmaster’

3. Do you have a mantra? What is it? 

Be generous, always.

4. What are the ingredients to your favorite dish? 

This is a moving target! I have a sweet tooth but can’t say this is my favorite dish. Though now that you ask, there is a chicken dish sold near the University that I went to called Makerere University, it’s called TV CHICKEN The ingredients are chicken, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and Irish potatoes.

5. Where do you consider home, and what is your favorite place there? 

A place called Buloba. I love the garden within the trees, next to the fish ponds. It’s also a person that is there, my dad. Mwami Kasule.

6. What is your favorite childhood memory? 

Me dancing and singing for some people in a salon where my mum had gone to do her hair.

7. What does self-love mean to you? 

Being fully present