Liverpool Biennial 2018


14 July 2018 - 28 October 2018


Titled Beautiful world, where are you? the 10th edition of Liverpool Biennial invited artists and audiences to reflect on a world in social, political and economic turmoil. Over 40 artists from 22 countries presented work that responds to the call. The city of Liverpool provided the setting with its public spaces, galleries, museums and civic buildings. Liverpool Biennial 2018 was curated by Kitty Scott (Carol and Morton Rapp Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario) and Sally Tallant (Director, Liverpool Biennial) with the Biennial team.

Biennial Exhibitions

Tate Liverpool

Open Eye Gallery

RIBA North – National Architecture Centre



The Playhouse Theatre

St George's Hall

Victoria Gallery & Museum

LJMU's Exhibition Research Lab

Blackburne House

The Oratory

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Plateau

Resilience Garden

Invisible Wind Factory

Exchange Flags

Great George Street


Worlds within worlds

Worlds within worlds invites audiences to explore the rich histories and stories evoked by objects and artefacts from the city’s civic collections and architecture.

John Moores Painting Prize 2018

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018

This is Shanghai

Liverpool Biennial with BALTIC presents: We Are Where We Are

This exhibition showcases new and existing works by Liverpool Biennial Associate Artists, 11 artists from the North of England.

Biennial Fringe


Ugo Rondinone: Liverpool Mountain

Liverpool Mountain is a major new public artwork for the city region, situated on Liverpool’s historic waterfront.

Mark Wallinger: One World

Sir Peter Blake: Dazzle Ferry

Liverpool's iconic Mersey Ferry has been transformed into a moving artwork in a special commission by the Godfather of British pop art, Sir Peter Blake

Betty Woodman: Liverpool Fountain

Liverpool Fountain by Betty Woodman is a permanent public artwork for the city, situated by George's Dock Ventilation Tower, an Art Deco structure built in 1931.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan: Hummingbird Clock

Hummingbird Clock by Lawrence Abu Hamdan is a permanent public artwork for the city, located outside the law courts in Liverpool's Derby Square. 

SWAP: UK/Ukraine Residency Programme

This programme connects artists and curators from Ukraine and the UK, supporting their professional development and internationalisation


28 November 2018Work in Progress
28 October 2018Walk The Sacred Way
27 October 2018 - 28 October 2018Liverpool Biennial 2018 Closing Party
26 October 2018 - 27 October 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
23 October 2018 - 24 October 2018World Affirming Karaoke
22 October 2018 - 26 October 2018The Big Draw at Tate Liverpool
19 October 2018 - 20 October 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
13 October 2018Curator Tour: Bluecoat
13 October 2018Granby Gardening Club
12 October 2018 - 13 October 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
06 October 2018Granby Gardening Club
05 October 2018 - 06 October 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
28 September 2018Volunteer Social
28 September 2018 - 29 September 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
22 September 2018Curator Tour: FACT
21 September 2018 - 22 September 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
15 September 2018Curator Tour: Bluecoat
15 September 2018Do Something Saturdays
14 September 2018 - 15 September 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
11 September 2018Thinkers and Makers
08 September 2018Do Something Saturdays
07 September 2018 - 08 September 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
01 September 2018Granby Gardening Club
01 September 2018Do Something Saturdays
31 August 2018 - 01 September 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
25 August 2018Granby Gardening Club
24 August 2018 - 25 August 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
18 August 2018Granby Gardening Club
17 August 2018 - 18 August 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
13 August 2018 - 24 August 2018Display of the Civic Silver
11 August 2018Granby Gardening Club
10 August 2018 - 11 August 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
04 August 2018Granby Gardening Club
03 August 2018 - 12 August 2018Minton Tile Floor Reveal
03 August 2018 - 04 August 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
31 July 2018 - 02 August 2018Prototype Summer Camp: Infinite Guide
28 July 2018Curator Tour: FACT
27 July 2018 - 28 July 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
20 July 2018 - 21 July 2018Sculptural Signature Facial
14 July 2018 - 15 July 2018Sculptural Signature Facial