Alisa Baremboym lives in New York, USA. Baremboym's work investigates the processes that trace and enact the potentiality of material through erosion and transfusion.

Blurring the assumptions in regards to material understanding, Baremboym’s works appropriate and extend critical aspects of materiality in order to gain new insight into the consequences of consumption in our daily lives.

Baremboym’s sculpture for Liverpool Biennial 2016, ‘Locus of Control’, was part of the Monuments from the Future episode. It is made of the same perforated sheet steel that is used to shutter doors and windows in vacant terraced homes in the area. The enclosed structure surrounds organic forms made of glass-reinforced concrete and perspex, which can be viewed by looking through the holes in the metal. Miscanthus (Elephant grass) is planted surrounding the sculpture and is known to be harvested as an energy crop in the production of biofuel, as well as a future biodegradable plastic. This hybrid sculpture speaks to ideas of survival and displacement. It also considers the organic and synthetic tensions between the body and its environment, and the energy that can be built upon by nurturing a balance between the two.

Baremboym’s previous solo exhibition took place at 47 Canal, New York, USA (2015). Her work has been included in numerous group exhibitions in venues such as Schinkel Pavillion, Berlin, Germany (2015); Künstlerhaus KM–, Graz, Austria (2015); Taipei Biennial, Taiwan (2014); Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany (2013); MoMa PS1, New York, USA (2013); and Sculpture Center, New York, USA (2012). In 2016 she will present new works at Glasgow Sculpture Studios as part of Glasgow International, Glasgow, UK.

Alisa Baremboym at Liverpool Biennial 2016

Locus of Control, 2016
Perforated sheet steel, heat formed acrylic, glass and reinforced concrete
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial
Exhibited at Rosebery Street

From Hot Body To Cold Body, 2016
Sheet steel, ceramic, heat formed acrylic, conductive gel, high heat wire, copper wire, liquid vinyl and shrink wrap
Exhibited at Tate Liverpool

Dynamic Absorption, 2016
Sheet steel, perforated sheet steel, ceramic, heat formed acrylic, conductive gel, color indicating silica gel, polyethylene tubing and cast nylon film
Exhibited at Tate Liverpool