Andrea Bowers is known for her commitment to confronting urgent political issues such as immigration, environmental racism, feminism and AIDS awareness through work that encompasses collaborative talks, films and labour intensive drawings. She sees art and politics as two realms that influence one another, not as separate: and her interest in nonviolent protest and forms of civil disobedience is motivated by a historical awareness and curiosity about the history of political activism, its visual language and bodily expression.

For Liverpool Biennial 2012, Andrea Bowers uses her place within the exhibition to amplify the launch of Liverpool as a City of Sanctuary for asylum seekers and refugees. This City of Sanctuary campaign is part of a national movement of local people, community and public sector groups working to make their cities a place of welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary from war, conflict and persecution. Bowers and STAR (Student Action for Refugees) are working together with designer Sam Wiehl in order to create a visual identity for the new campaign.

Andrea Bowers lives and works in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Solo exhibitions include The New Women’s Survival Guide (Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York, U.S.A., 2011) and Ni Una Muerte Mas (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece, 2011).

City of Sanctuary,
Mixed media intervention
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2012
Exhibited at The Cunard Building