Cottin is a French (magician facing the wheel of fortune under the sun) artist based in Brussels. Her appearance is colourful, sculptural and spinning.

She shares comfort and uneasiness of being in the company of people who don’t stop keeping this world as a continuous creative experiment. Inspired by Robert Filliou’s belief that “everybody is perfect”, Cottin has been searching for a perfect collaboration with people she encounters. This search may include experts of various knowledges, skills and perspectives. The methods of co-working are often defined by what kind of resonance is created between those people (writers, sculptors, scientists and all kinds of impressarios) and Cottin herself. She is represented by Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, Belgium.

Cottin’s work for Liverpool Biennial 2016, Flour Tables, creates playful interactions with the people of Liverpool, to uncover the city’s unconscious. At Cains Brewery, visitors are invited to create objects, figures and landscapes with dough, whilst a graphic artist records the sessions. The reports have been published on The Double Negative (see Part I and Part II) for the general public to see. Cottin’s work harks back to a therapeutic method inspired by Swiss psychologist and philosopher Carl Jung and his theories on the psyche.

Flour Tables, 2016
Flour, tables, salt, water and bowls
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial
Exhibited at Cains Brewery

Lift Me, 2011
Plastic tubes, rope and tennis balls
Exhibited at Cains Brewery