Dane Mitchell lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, and Berlin, Germany. Mitchell’s work is an attempt to understand and articulate - in the artist’s own words - the place “where both scientist and shaman illuminate the unseen”; the boundaries of perception and invisibility.

Mitchell makes two new works for the 2012 Biennial. The first takes the form of wallpaper, which will cover the upper rooms of The Monro on Duke Street – a building which dates back to 1756. The design of the wallpaper, which at first appears as a familiar domestic pattern, is printed with an interlocking diagram that references and adapts Marcel Duchamp’s equation “A Guest + A Host = A Ghost”. In the same space, a series of hollow blown glass objects are containers or traps for ghost stories: the sculptures take shape as local tales are spoken into the molten glass.

Exhibitions include Radiant Matter II (Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand, 2011), and Minor Optics (daadgalerie, Berlin, 2009).

Spectral Readings (Liverpool), 2012

Ghost Paper, 2012
Mixed media installation
Exhibited at The Monro