Daniel Fogarty lives in Manchester, UK and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Fogarty applies the format of ‘the whim’ in his practice. He sees his sculptural and collage work as being close to publishing, in which paintings and thoughts of the day are as changeable and estranged as the weather, and as normal as the Cheerio's he’s eaten this morning.

Recent solo presentations include
reflectivecardoors.blogspot.com (2016); Another Television Ident, Shared Apartment Garden, Manchester, UK (2014); The First OXO Conference, Malgras|Naudet, Manchester, UK (2013); and IDENTS, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK (2012).

Daniel Fogarty is a Liverpool Biennial Associate Artist. Fogarty has been paired with Karen Patterson (Associate Curator at John Michael Kohler Arts Centre in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA).

Daniel Fogarty at Liverpool Biennial 2016

You can leave your wet socks to dry in the lobby – robe special, 2016
Cotton on velvet

Exhibited at the India Buildings