Dora García lives and works in Barcelona. Outside! was Dora García's multi-part commission for Liverpool Biennial 2012. Made in collaboration with Liverpool-based community TV project ToxtethTV, Peter Aers and the Bluecoat, it allowed Liverpool residents to narrate their own story of the City and its undercurrents through a street TV project which featured a live talk show element. The live part of the project took place in the first days of the Biennial, and was displayed as an installation in the Bluecoat thereafter.

Outside! extends García’s ongoing interest in creating a forum for public debate through the recovery of experimental theatrical and broadcast forms, and the possibilities within them for creating new types of narrative that can often destabilise the realm in which the narrator operates. As part of this strategy, Outside! also plays on the relationship between audience and entertainer, challenging the porous nature of these roles and the capacity for the audience to generate its own spectacle.

Solo exhibitions include KLAU MICH: Radicalism in Society Meets Experiment on TV (dOCUMENTA (13), Kassel, Germany, 2012), The Beggar’s Things (Galerie Michel Rein, Paris, France, 2012) and L’inadeguato, Lo Inadecuado, The Inadequate (54th Venice Biennale, Spanish Pavilion, Venice, Italy, 2011).

Outside!, 2012

Installation and events
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2012 and the Bluecoat
Exhibited at the Bluecoat