Their collaborative work reflects on cinema history, philosophy and technological evolution.

Fabien Giraud and Raphaël Siboni’s commission for Liverpool Biennial 2016,
1922 – The Uncomputable, is the most recent in their series The Unmanned, which recounts a history of technology in reverse. The Unmanned includes an account of the Earth’s dismantling in 7242, the discovery of California by conquistadors in 1542, and, in 2045, the moment at which machine intelligence overtakes human intelligence. The most recent episode, presented at ABC Cinema, reflects on Lewis Fry Richardson’s attempt to build a huge weather-forecast factory. Every Tuesday, The Unmanned series plays in its entirety.

Each time significant technological progress is made in image resolution, the artistsbuy a new video camera and use it to film a sunset, but without a lens. The series, titled
La Vallée Von Uexküll and presented at Open Eye Gallery, will end when the camera is able to capture more than the human eye can see.

Solo exhibitions include venues such as Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2007) and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, Australia (2009). They have been involved in numerous group shows in venues such as Museo Pallazo Riso, Parlermo, Italy (2015); Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark (2011) and Moscow Biennial, Moscow, Russia (2009).

‘1922 – The Uncomputable’, 2016 commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2016, co-produced with Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain

The Unmanned (1922 – The Uncomputable), 2016
HD video

Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and Casino Luxembourg

Exhibited at ABC Cinema

1834-La Mémoire de Masse, 2015

2045-The Death of Ray Kurzweil, 2015
1997 – The Brute Force, 2014
HD videos

Exhibited at ABC Cinema

La Vallée Von Uexküll, 2009-2016
Lens-less film of 5 films screened in rotation

Exhibited at Open Eye Gallery