Jakob Kolding lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kolding seeks inspiration in modernist architecture, city-planning strategies and its associated imagery. Raised in the suburbs of Copenhagen, his relation to the modernist legacy is ambivalent, oscillating between affection and criticality.

The artist is also influenced by city life and pop-cultural sources such as music, football and underground cultural movements. The resulting mix of images is collaged and reconfigured by the artist into posters, maquettes or large billboards. His references are re-worked to cause a shift in meaning and a challenge to how the history of each may be understood in relation to the other.

Kolding interrogates the notion of ‘local identity’, by challenging collective imagery and popular rituals, and the way these interplay with the city.

In Liverpool, the artist extends his research to the notion of hospitality, bringing to the fore the tension and antagonism that characterise the relation between the host and the guest.

Solo exhibitions include Blocks (Team Gallery, New York, U.S.A., 2011), Stakes is High (Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010) and Radical World (Studio Dabbeni, Lugano, Switzerland, 2009).

As yet untitled, 2012

Paper, wood, glass, painted wood, and painted metal
Vitrine 200 x 100 x 100cm
Exhibited at the Bluecoat