Julien Creuzet was born in the Parisian suburb, grew up in Martinique and now lives and works in Paris.

His practice starts from his own lived experience as an echo on collective social realities of the Caribbean diaspora, focusing on the troubled intersection between Caribbean histories and European modernity. Creuzet describes his ancestral home, Martinique, as “the heart of my imagination” and the visual and aural languages that collide in his installations migrate and transform through a process of creolisation, entering into a dialogue with the question of emancipation, a spirit of black affirmation and the feeling of his diasporic experience. He has developed a multi-disciplinary practice interweaving poetic, sensory and social forms via amalgams of sculpture, installation, video, sound and textual intervention.

The artist graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Caen, the Post-Diploma in Fine Arts at the Lyon Academy and the Fresnoy-Studio national des - arts contemporains. Creuzet’s recent solo exhibitions include: Luma Arles, France (2022), Camden Art Centre, London, United Kingdom (2022), Centre Pompidou for the Prix Marcel Duchamp, Paris, France (2021), Document, Chicago (2021), Palais de  Tokyo, Paris, France (2019).