Lorin Sookool is a South African dance artist with an interdisciplinary practice encompassing performance, text, sound, photography and film.

In 2021, Sookool received the Pina Bausch Fellowship, which was spent in co-operation with improvisation and contemporary dance pioneer Roberto Castello (Italy). Improvisation as a decolonial practice has become the foundation of her movement practice and informs the direction of her academic pursuits and facilitation work. Other residencies include The Centre For The Less Good Idea (Johannesburg), Institute for Creative Arts (Cape Town) and Co-Residency (USA), through which her dance film “Prayer Room” received a Naledi Theatre Award nomination for innovation in the Video Online Theatre category. Sookool holds a Bmus in dance from the University of Cape Town, majoring in African Contemporary Dance teaching methods.

Sookool’s work explores complex South African socio-political themes, with a focus on situations of systemic and institutionalized violence through personal trajectories. Their artistic practice has its roots in a practice-based research that is intuitive in nature and has an emergent design. It follows a process-based approach that searches for the relationship between personal and collective themes, thereby becoming a reflective, reflexive, subject-centred practice.