Marcos Lutyens lives in Los Angeles. Lutyens engages the visitor’s embodied experience of art through cognitive techniques such as hypnosis.

Lutyens investigations have included research with social groups which have included the third-gender Muxhe, Raeilians, synaesthetes, border migrants, space engineers and mental architects. In doing so, he explores how unconscious mind-sets shift across cultures and backgrounds. Lutyens has developed projects that involve our external surroundings such as interactions with pedestrian flows, social media dialogue, air quality levels, animal and biological intercommunication.

For Liverpool Biennial 2016, Lutyens created an audio work incorporating myths, rumours and portals, which can be downloaded here and listened to whilst walking around the city, or sitting near the Chinatown arch.

Lutyens has exhibited internationally such as at dOCUMENTA(13), Kassel, Germany (2012); the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA (2010); the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France (2011); the Royal Academy, London, UK (2010); the National Art Museum of China, Biejing, China (2014); MoMA PS1, New York, USA (2014); Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (2015); Manifesta (2016); and Castello di Rivoli, Turin, Italy (2016). Lutyens recently launched his book Memoirs of a Hypnotist: 100 Days.

Marcus Lutyens at Liverpool Biennial 2016

A Wedge Of An Intermission Designed To Allow For A Change In The Internal Reels, Inviting You To A Sustained Transfer Of Attention Away From The Silver Of The Screen Towards Dilated Metallic Fluids Rupturing This Spool Pool Of An Interlude Sliver, 2016
Audio, 4 min loop
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial
Exhibited at ABC Cinema