Nina Chua lives in Manchester, UK. Chua is interested in surface as a visual and visceral experience.

Through repetition and accumulation, surfaces are built up which foreground line, colour, and support. Nothing is concealed; the process is essentially laid bare. The work is an exercise in limitation and the economy of means, which is used to maximal effect.

Recent exhibitions include
The Discerning Eye, London, UK (2015); Modern Histories Vol. II, Liverpool, UK (2015); Poppostitions, Brussels, Begium (2015); and Manchester Contemporary, Manchester, UK (2014).

Nina Chua is a Liverpool Biennial Associate Artist. Chua has been paired with Rotem Rozental (Writer, Curator and Photo Historian based in New York, USA).

Small Revolving Door, 2015
Marker pen on paper

Exhibited at the India Buildings