Ranti Bam's work with clay is an intimate form of personal and social exploration.

Having been raised across two continents, clay has become a way for her to give cohesive form to her complexities and fully inhabit the material and spiritual culture of both worlds.

Harnessing the extraordinary narrative and curative capacities of the material, Bam pushes clay to its limits to deliberately engage with the concepts of fragility and vulnerability.

She has come to observe her works function publicly as hearths around which an audience gathers in contemplation, meditation and discourse. The multiple dyads of the symbolic vessel continue to be of significance. Through these Bam explores the literal and the metaphorical; inside and outside, abstraction and figuration, light and dark, spirit and form.

The clay body, the vessel, vulnerability and fragility all engage with the semiotic aspects of the feminine and are important aspects of her work.