Superflex is an artists’ group based in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. On visiting Liverpool, the artists were struck by the abundance of empty office and commercial spaces that remain indefinitely ‘To Let’ – many in very close proximity to the newly built Liverpool One shopping centre.

Engaging different groups of people from Liverpool, the artists started a process of painstaking reproduction, in which ‘To Let’ signage from the City’s financial district is re-staged as banners within the Cunard building.

Superflex describe the work they make as ‘tools’: often inviting people to participate in structures of production that alter the conditions of the economy in which the projects operate. The artists often bring in experts to assist with their projects, inviting them to alter the tools further in order to increase their usefulness. Often working outside the fringes of commercial economic structures, their previous projects have included Supergas – formed around alternative energy production – and Free Beer, in which a new beer recipe was drawn up and distributed for free under the condition that the creators are credited appropriately.

Recent exhibitions include Prouvé in Africa / Bent, Pressed, Compressed, Welded and then Copied (Musée d’Art Moderne, St-Etienne, France, 2012), Superkilen (public intervention, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012) and Power Toilets/JPMorgan Chase (commissioned by Creative Time New York, New York, 2011).

Liverpool to Let
, 2012
Mixed media installation
Exhibited at The Cunard Building