Yin-Ju Chen lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. Chen’s primary medium is video, but her works also include photos, installations and drawings.

In the past few years she has focused on the function of power in human society, nationalism, racism, totalitarianism, collective thinking or collective (un)conscious. Her recent projects also engage in the relations between cosmos and human behaviour.

For Liverpool Biennial 2016 Yin-Ju Chen presents Extrastellar Evaluations, which brings together evidence of Lemurian presence on earth. The land of Lemuria sank into the ocean thousands of years ago, but its natives have been living invisibly amongst us ever since. In the 1960s, some of them re-emerged using the identities of conceptual artists, and Extrastellar Evaluations considers the impact of this defining era on humans and Lemurians alike. The work unfolds between FACT and Cains Brewery.

Her most recent solo shows have been exhibited at IT PARK, Taipei City, Taiwan (2015); Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei City, Taiwan (2013); and Blood Orange East, Berlin, Germany (2011). She has been involved in numerous group shows, the most recent having been exhibited in venues and events such as e-flux, New York, USA (2015); NEoN Digital Arts Festival, Dundee, UK (2015); The Cube, Taipei City, Taiwan (2015); and Asia Culture Center (ACC), Gwangju, South Korea (2015). In 2011 she was nominated for the Tiger Award for best short film at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Extrastellar Evaluations, 2016
Mixed media
Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Manchester
Exhibited at Cains Brewery and FACT