The Counter Culture podcast is dedicated to amplifying the voices of artists, creatives and thinkers working on contemporary African and diaspora art. For Liverpool Biennial 2023, the team have put together a series of special programmes.

Given the sector’s growing market in the international art scene, the aim of Counter Culture is to build on the ways that key actors are reshaping and redefining African artists’ position in the international art market. ⁠

In this collaboration, Counter Culture focuses on ‘The Middle Passage’ capturing thinking around oral histories and how this moment in the exhibition encouraged viewers to consider the process of healing in their transition to ‘The Reflective Return’ as they faced the unknown through the lense of Indigenous and the global Black diaspora. The vision for this collaboration was to amplify the Biennial’s mission to engage its audience with all five senses by creating a triangulation of navigational tools – of which the podcast was one.⁠

Alongside our Liverpool Biennial 2023 Curator Khanyisile Mbongwa, the artists featured in this series offer their perspective on how their practice engaged with the Middle Passage to embody ‘uMoya: The Sacred Return of Lost Things’.⁠

Featured speakers include: ⁠
Khanyisile Mbongwa
Rudy Loewe
Isa do Rosário
Shannon Alonzo
Nicholas Galanin
Sepideh Rahaa
David Aguacheiro

Music throughout the series is also provided by Nicholas Galanin.⁠

The podcast is hosted by Bonolo Madibe.