Minecraft Infinity Project

Online, 9 July – 16 October

The computer game Minecraft allows its users to invent their own worlds from simple block components and to interact with the various spheres Minecraft constitutes – the hell-like Nether, for instance, which can only be entered through a smoke-filled portal.

Taking the Surrealist ‘exquisite corpse’ as inspiration, the Minecraft Infinity Project invites players to collaborate with Minecrafters the world over to co-create the largest ever virtual sculpture: a ‘portrait’ of Liverpool Biennial, in which users render their own version of the exhibition and the artworks on show. It also incorporates a number of artworks by participating artists, such as Oliver Laric’s 3-D scans of sculptures from Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

The ‘exquisite corpse’ is a way of making things in collaboration with others, where each player adds to what the previous one has created. Players who enter the Minecraft Infinity Project map will be able to build using specially created tools that take inspiration from artworks shown at this year’s Liverpool Biennial. Over 14 weeks, players will enter the map to fire paintbrushes as if they were arrows, spawning sculptures taken from real-life, and watching as a humongous virtual creation emerges.

The Minecraft Infinity Project is recommended for players of all ages. The ‘map’, or game, will be hosted on an online multiplayer server. The platform will allow multiple players all over the world to enter the map simultaneously at any time day or night. All communication or interaction between players will be disabled to ensure a safe and fun environment for all ages.

Find out more

Liverpool’s own Minecraft expert and YouTube star Mini Muka will be exploring the Infinity Project map as it unfolds to see what people have made and to create things himself. Visit Mini’s Youtube channel where he will post videos of his adventures including an introduction to the Infinity Project and artworks at the Biennial.

How to play

The Minecraft Infinity Project is a map-world hosted on an online multiplayer server – accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world between 11.00 on Saturday 9 July until 21.00 on Sunday 16 October. To enter the map, existing players of Minecraft using desktop version (Windows & Mac) should follow these steps:

1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet
2. Open Minecraft launcher
3. Select Multiplayer
4. Select 'Direct Connect'
5. Enter the server code:
6. Click 'Join Server' and you will be transported into the map!

On entering the map you will be given on-screen instructions. For example, you will discover you have paintbrush-shaped arrows that spawn different shapes and colours – where to go and how to use them will be revealed!

Information for parents

Mojang, creators of Minecraft, recommend the game for players aged 13+, mainly owing to the one-off payment required to download the game. However, many younger children will enjoy playing Minecraft and Mojang offers guidance to parents for account users under 13.

The Minecraft Infinity Project map is designed for use on Minecraft desktop versions (Windows & Mac). It is not compatible with console (Xbox, PlayStation, Wii) or portable device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle Fire) versions. 

Minecraft Infinity Project is commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in partnership with FACT, and developed by Tony Guillan and Adam Clarke, in collaboration with map maker Dragnoz.