Liverpool Biennial x Liverpool BID Company present Art in Motion: Emma Dolan – Remember How Boss It Was (2021)

New public artwork celebrates the notion and origins of ‘scouse-ness’.

Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool BID Company continue to collaborate on Art in Motion, a programme that encourages people to enjoy art as they navigate the city centre of Liverpool.

On 21 October 2021, we launched a series of outdoor graphic and audio-visual works by Liverpool-born artist Emma Dolan. Having lived in Liverpool her whole life, Dolan’s project Remember How Boss It Was (2021) involves encounters of ‘Scouse-ness’ spread across 8 key sites in Liverpool’s Commercial District. Dolan’s bold graphic text works, each accompanied by an episode of a humorous and conversational video accessed by QR codes, can be discovered on streets, walls and windows of buildings along a set route.

For Dolan, the scouse accent and dialect connect the people of Liverpool to the city. The accent forms part of Liverpudlian identity alongside the historic and modern city – together forming a particular and unique identity.

You will be able to engage with and enjoy Dolan’s work until 21 November 2021, with a programme of artist-led tours and a free family activity sheet available for half-term. A map of all locations is available to pick up from businesses in the area or to view online. Both map and activity sheet have been designed by local artist Gabriella Hernandez.

Sam Lackey, Director of Liverpool Biennial said:

“We’re proud to be working with Liverpool BID Company to help people connect with one another and with their city once again after such a tough year. Remember How Boss It Was by Emma Dolan can be experienced both in-person, across the city’s Commercial District, and digitally via smartphones or from home. This project really reflects the Biennial’s commitment to supporting local talent and to commissioning exciting artworks which are created specifically for and in response to Liverpool. Remember How Boss It Was is a timely and poignant celebration of this great city, its people and the bonds and fond memories that are often formed through a shared identity and sense of belonging.”

Bill Addy, Chief Executive of the Liverpool BID Company, and Chair of LVEN (Liverpool Visitor Economy Network), said:

“We are so passionate about creating thoughtful and engaging work throughout the Commercial District and Liverpool BID areas. For us it is important to make our public spaces colourful, creative and animated. It makes everyone feel safer, and more welcome, if our streets are filled with art.

Personally, I am so pleased to see Emma Dolan’s work in the city. Supporting emerging artists is something Liverpool is very successful at and for a vibrant creative economy, providing a platform for artists at every stage of their career is important.

We are delighted to see our partnership with Liverpool Biennial continue, and as people return to their offices this added character and colour gives every day a lift”.

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Emma Dolan is a Liverpudlian artist, creating works centred around a fascination with the uniqueness of human existence and consciousness. Focusing on language and dialect, she playfully explores how these allow us to create a unique narrative to our existence and identities mainly through film, audio works and digital text. Dolan graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2020, being awarded the Tate Mentorship prize and a graduate residency at CBS Studio’s and Gallery. She has since been a core member in online residency programme SPUR, and has exhibited work in several group shows across the UK.


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