Envisaged as a flagship for making the national collections accessible to more people, Tate Liverpool is as relevant now as at its conception 34years ago; exchanging ideas, deep roots in the City and facing both home-grown and global communities.

We have two clear pillars of presenting art in the gallery. The first is the Tate collection. We are the northern home for the national collection of British art from 1500 to the present day and international modern and contemporary art.

We have also established a reputation for bold blockbuster exhibitions and bringing new perspectives to bear to excite regular visitors and attract new ones from all over the world. Through this, our gallery is beginning to develop a clearer identity, mirroring Liverpool’s global connections as a port, using its international standing and outstanding collection to place the City at the centre of an outward looking, international artistic programme.

Alongside the inspiring exhibitions programme the gallery delivers high quality work within the city’s neighbourhoods which reinforce the social purpose on which it was founded. Projects such as Tackling the Blues, Home from Home and the ground-breaking work with prison education service Novus, sees the gallery engaged in a range of initiatives to support skills and employability, promote arts in education and creativity as a tool for social change that see it extend its influence beyond the walls of the gallery.

As a sector pioneer and artistic powerhouse Tate Liverpool has been a major contributor to the city and regional economy, making a clear contribution to the cultural landscape and the story of the waterfront.